The lead time for a product is calculated by the region's zip code, and the lead time is only an estimate, which may change due to external factors such as rainfall, hazardous areas and rural areas. At the time of placing your order, please verify that the zip code is correct and be aware of the maximum deadline to receive your product.
SPEEDMETRICS reserves the right to post the product for postage within 07 business days of order and payment approval. Deadlines for payment confirmation are up to 2 (two) business days, for credit card and bank slip. From then on, the deadline that counts is the method chosen to ship the product. In the case of SEDEX and PAC the customer will receive a tracking code via SMS, upon registration of the mobile number on the site, which can track the status of the order, as well as its status and date of posting.
Up to 3 attempts will be made to deliver the product to the chosen zip code. If this is unsuccessful, your order can be picked up at a post office near your address.
International shipments will be made by FEDEX company, there will also be a tracking code that will be sent by email.