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In this kit the Garmin mount stays in upper part of bottle cage. See other models for different uses. 

This kit consists of the between-clips bottle cage and the GARMIN EDGE mount on the upper part of the cage. Made of 7005 aluminum, the kit weighs only 95 grams with the stainless steel screws that come with it. The part has the standard hole of the bottle cage and its size can be adjusted to the distance between the clips you usually use. Once the holder is fastened it remains securely attached to the clip, preventing unwanted vibrations that cause you to lose your hydration along the way.


Compatible with the models: EDGE 200 /510/520/530/810 /820/1000/1030

Choose the size of the cage according to your CLIP distance: 
SMALL: Clips with distance between them: Minimum of 30mm/ Maximum of 63mm
MEDIUM : Clips with distance between them: Minimum of 52mm/ Maximum of 85mm
LARGE: Clips with distance between them: Minimum of 77mm/ Maximum of 110mm

Technical file:
Material: 7005 Aluminum
Color: Black
Weight: 95 grams
Kit composition: Aluminum cage, M4 stainless steel screws, plastic clamps, GARMIN mount

Measurement Chart